Write about 5 different Types of Hair Extensions
18.02.2016 11:14

Since there are different types of hair extensions available in the market, it is often a difficult task to choose the best one. A hair stylist can provide you a better guidance in choosing a right one which suits your natural hair. However, it is also very helpful to spend your time for the personal research to see different types and their features for the diverse range of hair styles and lengths. A well performed hair extension is very good to enhance the look without damaging your natural hair. 

3 Types of Hair Extensions Most Common on the Market:

  • Clip in – Clip in hair extensions is a short term option to enjoy extending your hair with the clip in extensions that are easily applied and removed within a few minutes. They are likely to feature a modest to wide collection of hair attached either to a comb or to a clip which is effective at adding additional degree of volume, length, or highlights. 
  • Heat fusion – In a process of applying a heat fusion hair extension, it is highly necessary to rely on the specific kind of hair friendly adhesive like glue, keratin, or the wax. It helps to use the most pleasing adhesive to match your personal needs and lifestyle. As some of these hair attachment methods like wax will have a quite low melt point that can result in difficulties when it comes to the blow drying and curling. It will cause some additional damage or negative impact on your hair. 
  • Cold fusion – This type of hair extension method is currently very popular among several users. Cold fusion hair extensions are basically using a similar attaching process as in the heat fusion but rather applying an adhesive, it is using a unique ultrasound device for the strong hold of hair. 

Other 2 Types of Hair Extensions:

  • Skin weft – A skin weft hair extension is actually made with the long and wide sections which are attached to your natural hair in the upper region and secured in the place using tape or glue. This kind of extension can easily be able to match your own natural hair. In most situations, it will be so difficult to notice the difference between your real hair and the skin weft extensions. This hair extension is quite easy and quick to attach in the home without necessity to visit a professional hair salon. 
  • Microbead – A microbead hair extension is highly flexible option and it is often usable more than one time. This extension relies on using the special metal bead with the silicone inner lining. This method of extending the hair relies on threading your natural hair through the bead with a bonded edge of extension that is then secured in the place using a clamp system. 

Even though there are four different types of hair extensions available for the people, clip in extensions are always the best choice for your original hair. As compared to other extensions, clip in extensions only cause minimal damages and highly safe to your natural hair. 



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